Basewell is interested in maintaining a high quality of life over and above our business interests.

In our plants and with our delivery vehicles we work with a high degree of social responsibility that is in line with the values of our clients and that of the greater community. As a large contributor to the construction industry that drives the economy of Gibraltar, we believe we can do things better, faster and with minimum interference in everyday life.

At Basewell Ltd we are well-aware of the need to be sustainable and environmentally-friendly in all our operations, both at our plants and on-site. This is why we constantly attempt to reduce our carbon footprint by adopting the most advanced methods of recycling and energy saving techniques.

We ensure our vehicles are as silent and efficient as they can be while ensuring we renew our fleet as often as possible to minimise their impact on the environment.

To achieve this level of sustainability we are in close coordination with the Environmental Agency in Gibraltar who regularly check our systems to ensure they are of the highest standard. As part of this partnership, Basewell recently purchased the latest in site emissions monitoring equipment which we use in all our operations. This technological advance ensures that we can observe the amount of pollution we create and regulate it if necessary.

We exercise the utmost caution in waste disposal and water usage to ensure all our stakeholders are always in the forefront of our thinking in our business model. This continual reassessment ensures that our systems and processes are continually modified to better conserve the environment and fight climate change.

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