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Basewell offers top quality concrete and a high level of service at the best price.

Your ready mixed concrete supplier

Quality service for all uses

If you are looking for concrete you can trust look no further than Basewell. Renowned for quality service, efficiency and reliability, we have provided concrete for all the top projects. The products we offer include ready-mixed concrete, white sand and aggregate. We can supply concrete inside the city walls and are flexible to your needs. If you are still in doubt, just ask some of the top construction companies like GJBS and CASAIS who have trusted Basewell in the past.

Basewell has been involved in some of the most high-profile construction projects on the Rock of Gibraltar, from the new schools and university, erected in record time, to the housing projects that have sprouted all over the British territory. Our proven track-record in providing high-quality concrete has made us the go-to providers of this core building material. With our dedicated nucleus of certified experts, we can help you attain your deadlines with a bespoke service that suits your needs. We have the experience and dependability to save you in the long run with our guarantee of providing the best service at the most economical price.

Our Vision



Here at Basewell we pride ourselves on professional concrete services with a smile. These are just some of the products and services we offer:

  • 800m³ per day capacity
  • Ability to supply within city walls
  • Slab pours in excess of 600m³ in a day
  • Everything you need to make high quality concrete


Basewell has been tasked to provide concrete for most top construction companies in Gibraltar.
We have provided materials for a wide array of projects with top contractors.

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